Door Lock Replacements

Door Lock Diagnosis Tips

Door lock that functions with passenger-side switch but not driver-side? It's likely the driver-side switch.

Door lock that functions in only one direction? It's likely the door lock actuator.

All door locks function in only one direction? It's likely the door lock switch.

Common Causes of Door Lock Failure

Motor failure from wear-and-tear and carbon buildup

Sustained exposure to long pulse radio frequency

Damaged cable, which can damage actuator housing

Internal circuitry failure from normal operation (3 years/36,000 miles)

Door Lock Replacement (Ford Trucks)

Lock Cylinder replacement for Ford Trucks (E-Series Vans (2005-97), F-Series Trucks (2010-96), Explorer (2010-96), Ranger (2003-96), Windstar (2003-99), and Expedition (2010-97))

Standard® part no. DL-53, DL-54, DL-57, DL-57B, DL-140, DL-143B, DL-175, DL-176, DL-178
NAPA® Echlin® part no. DLK131, DLK214, DLK134, DLK135, DLK196L, DLK182, DLK88

Approximate installation time: 1 hour
Tools needed: T20 Torx driver, flat blade screw driver, 90° pick, straight pick